Design/Build Headb..

Would it have been easier to just go to IKEA? Maybe, but when the nearest IKEA is 9 hours away, you’re sometimes forced to be a little more creative. This is what happened when the need for a decent looking headboard met up with a pile of used shelves. It all began when my husband […]

DIY – glass ..

Italian tile work has always inspired me – so full of rich color and texture.  This simple ring uses a combination of 4 colors of Miyuki square glass metallic beads to recreate the look of contemporary mosaic tile.    Materials adjustable ring base with a lip edge approx 4mm high  4mm Miyuki square glass beads – […]

stacked leather br..

So, are stacked bracelets fashionable? Or is it just my crafty desire to wear everything I make?  Either way, here are some of my own favorite leather bracelets. But first, just a bit on the materials I used: Buttons- any size or shape will work, I just picked what I liked Leather- look for a soft high-quality […]

making bracelets &..

As a craft store owner I hear “What’s this used for?” over and over in regards to the variety of bracelet making materials available. It can be somewhat overwhelming if you are just getting started.  So here in a nutshell, are my thoughts on waxed cotton cord, Irish waxed linen and Chinese knotting cord and some bracelets […]

easy knot bracelet..

The green bracelet is an easy, two knot bracelet for the very beginner jewelry maker.  If you can tie a shoe, you can make this bracelet! You will need: 16-18″ of any width leather or waxed cotton cord (we used 2 mm waxed cotton cord for our sample) about 6″ of beads laid end to […]

where’s the ..

Voile is one of my favorite fabrics to work with.  Some people pronounce it “vwall” and others pronounce it “voil” like the word “foil” with a “v” in front.  I think both are right, but I use “vwall” – because it sounds more French. When voile first came out a few years back I called […]