Sundance Style Bra..

Sundance Style Bracelet with charms

It can be a challenge guessing what people like and want people want to make.  At my store Urban Arts + Crafts (which closed December 2014) our most popular jewelry making class was this bracelet. Why? We think it was because of the mix of materials, its casual look and feel, the ability to personalize […]

Happy Valentine..

Denise's Heart

ARTIST TRADING CARDS Ah Valentine’s Day. It takes me back to grade school and the yearly trip to Ben Franklin’s to buy my little box of valentines encased in their shiny red plastic cover.  My cards usually were the ones with a smiling kitten saying  ”You have purrr-sonality!” or a squirrel exclaiming “I’m nuts about […]

Yarn Tips and Tric..

clippies for yarn!

With the many cold and dreary days we’ve been having lately, I’ve been knitting more in the evenings than I normally do. I was struggling with the ends of my yarn getting in the way on my latest project, the Caramel sweater by Isabell Kraemer from Ravelry.  (I’m making the yellow and grey version.) I […]

Wire Wrapped Beade..

A simple and pretty way to display charms

When I first saw these beautiful charms by Nunn Design, I couldn’t help but think of how thankful I am for being able to travel to so many wonderful places with my husband. I’m a big picture taker and take copious amounts, but sometimes it’s nice to have a piece of jewelry to keep those […]

A sunny sewing roo..

Sunny Sewing Room with how to on folding fabric

It’s a new year, a new start and a new sewing room! Here’s a little peek around at what I’ve been doing during my 2 month blogging hiatus. Folding fabrics and getting organized! I’ll show you how I spent a couple afternoons folding fabrics to fit inside 4 different sized cubbies and crates while watching […]

“Find it Fas..

DIY purse organizer detail of pockets

Some projects come out of necessity and this was one of them.  I recently purchased a new leather bag on vacation that I loved, but it had only one small zipper pocket on the inside.  I was forever groping around in the bag to find my glasses, keys, phone, lipstick, etc. and as a result, […]