Leather Layering B..

a quick leather wrap bracelet

This leather layering bracelet is a snap to make and is perfect for a day at the beach or pool.  Charms, birthstones or beads dangling from the jump ring will add a little extra and personalize your bracelet even more.  Even if you’ve never made jewelry before, this is a perfect project for you! LEATHER […]

Anthropologie Insp..

Anthropologie Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace

I wish I could say where this vintage brooch came from, but I can’t. As I get older it’s harder to remember what jewelry was my Grandmother’s, what was something I picked up at an antique store or if it was a piece from my husband’s family. Even though I don’t wear brooches or pins, […]

How to refinish a ..

butcher block after refinishing with Boos Cream

Some DIY projects are a lot of work. Some are successful and others aren’t.  I wanted to share how easy it was to refinish a butcher block, because WOW! What a success for such little effort.  (The hardest part of this project was carrying the butcher blocks downstairs!) If you have a butcher block, cutting […]

Sundance Style Bra..

Sundance Style Bracelet with charms

It can be a challenge guessing what people like and want people want to make.  At my store Urban Arts + Crafts (which closed December 2014) our most popular jewelry making class was this bracelet. Why? We think it was because of the mix of materials, its casual look and feel, the ability to personalize […]

Happy Valentine..

Denise's Heart

ARTIST TRADING CARDS Ah Valentine’s Day. It takes me back to grade school and the yearly trip to Ben Franklin’s to buy my little box of valentines encased in their shiny red plastic cover.  My cards usually were the ones with a smiling kitten saying  “You have purrr-sonality!” or a squirrel exclaiming “I’m nuts about […]

Yarn Tips and Tric..

clippies for yarn!

With the many cold and dreary days we’ve been having lately, I’ve been knitting more in the evenings than I normally do. I was struggling with the ends of my yarn getting in the way on my latest project, the Caramel sweater by Isabell Kraemer from Ravelry.  (I’m making the yellow and grey version.) I […]