Shoe Trolley DIY S..

shoe trolley shoe organizer in closet

Why are floor shoe organizers 12″ deep, when the clothes above them are 24″ deep?  This drives me crazy.  For years, I had 2 racks of shoes on the floor and I was constantly crawling (digging) around under all my hanging clothes trying to find the shoes I wanted.  When we remodeled our attic bedroom and […]

Ice Resin Book Cha..

ice resin bookmark bubbles

I enjoy reading books.  My husband has a Kindle which he uses frequently, but I’m old school.  I want to turn a page, not press a button. Because of this I still use bookmarks and I’m always thinking about ways to make pretty and unusual ones.  These little metal charms are actually metal stamping blanks […]

Easy Braided Brace..

braided bracelets stacked

Making bracelets on the beach.  (Happy sigh.)  Call me crazy but I always take something with me to make on vacation.  A few years back it was leather wrapped bracelets.   I loved making them, but they were a little too complex for the beach, so I made them back in my room. This year […]

Lucky Number 7 Gam..

lucky 7 ring

What’s your lucky number?  Make this fun ring using a wooden game piece in just a few easy steps. MATERIALS Ring base with 3/4″ interior round opening Lucky number game token – these are from the Tim Holtz idea-ology line E6000 Sand paper Spray on Polyurethane (Click the ReadyCart button above to purchase these items […]

Metal Stamped Vint..

stamped vintage key jewelry finished

I’ve been itching awhile to find something to do with vintage keys.  I’ve always wanted to try stamping on them, but was too worried about the hardness of the keys destroying the detailing of the metal letters.  So when Impress Art came out with new premium stamps manufactured especially for use on hard metals and […]

Hand Quilted Laven..

hand stitched sachets pillows

Hand quilting is something I’ve always wanted to try but making an entire quilt has always seemed a little daunting and time consuming.  I’ve had no plans in my immediate future to commit to making a quilt, although it is on my list of “someday I will”. But then my friend Tony gave me a […]

Snow Day! Chunky C..

chunky crochet cowl

We’ve had a lot of snow lately and I’ve noticed myself starting to groan about how cold it is, fussing about the roads and complaining that I have to scrape the windshield.  But today, when I was sitting inside, I looked up and noticed it was snowing. Big, huge, beautiful, fluffy flakes. And then wonderfully, a […]

Tea Light + Candle..

candle plate pincushion anna maria horner

I’m starting to wonder if I have a slight obsession with these pins.   They’re pretty pins and they deserve a pretty home, right?  I decided my ugly tomato was just not cutting it any longer and wanted a prettier pincushion sitting beside my sewing machine.   I was fiddling around with some candle plates one […]

Split Personality ..


I’ve just come out with my latest knitting pattern, the Split Personality Reversible Cable Cowl, and I have to say it’s my favorite design so far.  What makes this pattern so me is that some days I just want to knit.  Easy stuff, as in garter stitch.  And then some days I want more of […]

Metal Stamping Tip..

metal stamping tips hold straight

Metal stamping can be a bit intimidating.  If you goof up on a pendant it’s not like you can just erase it and start over.  And it can start to get expensive if you are unhappy with your first attempts and keep trying and trying again.  After teaching a metal stamping class for a couple […]

Let Go Leather Wra..

leather wrap believe and let go bracelet

Any message can be put on pendants which is one of the reasons I love metal stamping.  Names, inspirational sayings, special dates, etc. all can be used.   This year I wanted to make something to help remind me of my goals for this year, so I created this simple leather wrap bracelet. Leather Wrap […]

slouchy knit beret


After years of enjoying knitting hats, I’m happy to say I’ve finally made one that I can actually wear! ( I guess I have a strange shaped head because most hats don’t fit, sliding off my head or making me look bug-eyed. ) The assembly of this beret is unique because instead of standard ribbing, […]