Ombre Beaded Leath..

Beaded Leather Cuff with simple button closure

I’ve really enjoyed making and wearing the oh-so popular Chan Luu look bracelets over this summer. But I also occasionally like to wear a wider style cuff. While digging through my bead box I unearthed some of my favorite beads used in an earlier post titled the Glass Bead Mosaic Ring.  It got me wondering […]

Laced Leather Cuff..

DIY Laced Leather Cuff

I thought a Girls Weekend in Colorado was the perfect opportunity to pull out my cowboy boots, cowboy hat and wear this leather cuff I had just finished.  (And get in a little horse back riding as well. More on how that turned out later.)  While punching all the holes for the leather lacing took a […]

Vintage Lace Tank ..

vintage lace tank - just sew on the lace

I found this beautiful lace at an estate sale about 12 years ago and I’ve been holding onto it every since. I’m not sure if it’s technically vintage, but since I won’t ever know when it was originally purchased I’m just going with that. It’s so pretty and delicate – I thought it might make […]

France in July ..

Embroidered Tea Towel Calender step 4

I can’t believe I almost threw this away.  I was having one of those cleaning fits at work, you know the kind where you go a little crazy and start throwing everything away that’s not nailed down. Well, I came across this beautiful tea towel calendar I received as an Anniversary gift from Cavalini Papers. […]

Beaded Leather Wri..

leather wristlet using turqoise rondells

Sometimes a simple little bracelet is all you need and these beaded wristlets are a great project for any beginning jewelry maker. They are also great for using up leftover beads and scraps of leather. (Which I can never seem to throw away.) The wire wrap loop, which I’ll show you how to make, is […]

Master Bath Before..


It’s been a long time coming.  Twenty years in fact.  Why?  Hmmm.  Maybe we just got used to walking downstairs every morning to take our showers. Using the shower upstairs meant craning our heads diagonally against the sloping ceiling because the shower head was mounted so low.  It also meant showering just right so the water didn’t […]

Rhinestone + Tasse..

DIY layered necklace

Getting 6 inches of hair cut off has inspired me to make more jewelry!  Clothes, jewelry, everything seems different with shorter hair and I’m having fun experimenting with new looks.  Summertime also puts me in the mood to make jewelry and the shorter hair just adds to it!  These earrings are especially easy to make and […]

Painted Leather Di..

distressed leather cuff

I’m always up to try something new and I’ve been wanting to try painting on leather for awhile.  I’ve seen a lot of beautiful embossed and painted leather designs but I wanted something a little more modern.   I was also a little intimidated to try and paint freehand, so when I saw a display […]

DIY Makeup Vanity ..

good morning make up vanity and hair caddy DIY

If I would have known how much better having a makeup vanity makes my mornings, I would have gotten one years ago. My husband and I recently remodeled the upstairs bedroom of our circa 1930′s house.  If you are familiar with older houses they hold lots of charm, but sometimes lots of headaches too.  Our upstairs […]

Closet Design Tips..

closet design tips

Organizing your closet can be a challenge – made even harder if your closet is an attic or unusually shaped space.  My husband and I ran into this issue when we remodeled our upstairs bedroom, which was a converted attic space.  Some of the design challenges we faced included an under window air-conditioning unit, a […]

Words to live by M..

be authentic stamped metal bracelet - sitting on the steps

Be authentic. Be original. Be yourself. Have you been inspired by anything or anyone? Something or someone that really makes you think about what you want to do and how you want to do it and why you are doing it at all?  Well, I was inspired by someone and this metal stamped bracelet was […]

Epoxy Clay Turquoi..

turquoise stone oval ring made with epoxy clay

Sometimes I make jewelry just because it’s fun and I enjoy it and sometimes I make jewelry because it’s something I really want to wear. This ring was BOTH! The turquoise stone is set in with a newish product on the market called Crystal Clay, which is a two part epoxy that comes in a variety […]