Craft South – Nashville’s Newest Craft Destination

As if Nashville doesn’t already have enough to offer (great music, food and shopping) add another must see to the list.  Anna Maria Horner  just opened a fabulous new store in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee called Craft South.  This wonderful collection of fabrics, yarns, needlepoint supplies and gifts is a must see if […]

Snow Day! Chunky Crochet Cowl

We’ve had a lot of snow lately and I’ve noticed myself starting to groan about how cold it is, fussing about the roads and complaining that I have to scrape the windshield.  But today, when I was sitting inside, I looked up and noticed it was snowing. Big, huge, beautiful, fluffy flakes. And then wonderfully, a […]

make a yarn ball

Here’s a simple way to make your own center-pull yarn ball if you don’t have a ball winder. It’s a great way to wind yarn that may have been purchased in a hank or wind yarn that has been pulled out to start over on a project.  Either way, it’s an inexpensive alternative to a […]