Craft South – Nashville’s Newest Craft Destination

As if Nashville doesn’t already have enough to offer (great music, food and shopping) add another must see to the list.  Anna Maria Horner  just opened a fabulous new store in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee called Craft South.  This wonderful collection of fabrics, yarns, needlepoint supplies and gifts is a must see if […]

Tea Light + Candle Plate Pincushions

I’m starting to wonder if I have a slight obsession with these pins.   They’re pretty pins and they deserve a pretty home, right?  I decided my ugly tomato was just not cutting it any longer and wanted a prettier pincushion sitting beside my sewing machine.   I was fiddling around with some candle plates one […]

A Chevron Quilt

Sitting under a beautiful quilt is like a getting a big, warm, hug from a friend. Toni, a friend of mine, reduced me to tears when she gave me this beautiful chevron quilt that she designed and hand made herself. The fabrics she used were from Tula Pink’s fabric collection “Prince Charming”  and  “The Birds and the […]

Memory Lane Pillow Top

As a fabric store owner, I was thrilled when Amy Butler reissued one of her older fabric collections “Belle”.   My store was relatively new when Amy Butler’s fabrics first burst onto the scene.  It was fun to see our customer’s excitement and reactions when they first saw her fabrics.  Seeing the fabrics reissued again […]