Now that the cabin is finished, I wanted to share some other cabin fixer uppers I worked on while waiting (impatiently) for the cabin to be done. And I have to admit, shopping for and fixing up the secondhand stuff we found in the Historic West Bottoms was just as much fun as watching the cabin […]

10 Minute Easy and Pretty Earring Holder

I love to stay organized and I love a good organizing project that takes less than 10 minutes to make!  This earring organizer is especially great if you like long, dangling earrings that get tangled up easily or prefer an earring holder that lets you see all of your earrings at one glance. The worst part […]

“Find it Fast!” DIY Purse Organizer

Some projects come out of necessity and this was one of them.  I recently purchased a new leather bag on vacation that I loved, but it had only one small zipper pocket on the inside.  I was forever groping around in the bag to find my glasses, keys, phone, lipstick, etc. and as a result, […]

5 Minute Leather Friendship Bracelets

These colorful leather friendship bracelets are a snap to make!  Once you get the hang of tying the knots, you’ll be able to crank them out in 5 minutes or so. They’re an inexpensive gift to make so they’re great to give to friends and fun to wear with other bracelets. (If you read all […]

Vintage Lace Tank DIY

I found this beautiful lace at an estate sale about 12 years ago and I’ve been holding onto it every since. I’m not sure if it’s technically vintage, but since I won’t ever know when it was originally purchased I’m just going with that. It’s so pretty and delicate – I thought it might make […]

Words to live by Metal Stamped Bracelet

Be authentic. Be original. Be yourself. Have you been inspired by anything or anyone? Something or someone that really makes you think about what you want to do and how you want to do it and why you are doing it at all?  Well, I was inspired by someone and this metal stamped bracelet was […]