rosewood necklace

I picked up these rosewood beads in a darling bead shop in San Diego about 3 years ago. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them when I bought them. I just knew I liked them. And now they’ve finally found a home in my jewelry box. The assembly was simple.  I used […]

Paris Travel Journal

When I go on vacation I can’t help but come home with handfuls of maps, tickets and museum guides. (Oh, and lots of pictures too, but more on that later.) I’m always looking for a way to keep all my vacation stuff together instead of just throwing it in a shoe box. So, I came […]

stacked leather bracelets

So, are stacked bracelets fashionable? Or is it just my crafty desire to wear everything I make?  Either way, here are some of my own favorite leather bracelets. But first, just a bit on the materials I used: Buttons- any size or shape will work, I just picked what I liked Leather- look for a soft high-quality […]

easy knot bracelets

The green bracelet is an easy, two knot bracelet for the very beginner jewelry maker.  If you can tie a shoe, you can make this bracelet! You will need: 16-18″ of any width leather or waxed cotton cord (we used 2 mm waxed cotton cord for our sample) about 6″ of beads laid end to […]

where’s the beach? easy voile swimsuit wrap + gathered top

Voile is one of my favorite fabrics to work with.  Some people pronounce it “vwall” and others pronounce it “voil” like the word “foil” with a “v” in front.  I think both are right, but I use “vwall” – because it sounds more French. When voile first came out a few years back I called […]

hooks + needles

As a knitter I continually ponder, “Hmmm, how do I want to store my needles?” How do I want to carry them?  Organize them?  Especially my circular needles. Right now, they’re in a tangled mess in a shoe box.  The rest of my straights and hooks are stored in the mason jars and vases above. […]