Cabin Construction..

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I wanted to show some of the progress on our cabin remodel.  If you’ve been through construction before you know that it never goes as fast as you want, but our Contractors have been very busy this Spring and here are some of the pics of their […]

Cabin Construction..

Cabin construction has finally begun! About 3 weeks ago the crew showed up and began interior work on our little 1,000 square foot cabin.  Here are some pics to share the progress! UP GO THE WALLS That cute little stump in front is our new water heater, which is getting tucked underneath the stairs to […]

How to Make Yarn S..

About 3 years ago, a burly construction worker walked into my store to buy some yarn for his wife.  We chatted a bit about what she needed and then he spied a ball of bulky yarn and excitedly asked. “Hey, do you remember making Christmas wreaths out of yarn like this?” “Nope.” I replied, “I don’t.”  He asked […]

A Modern Quilt for..

My husband was snuggling under the very first quilt I ever made – which was covered in birds, blooming flowers, climbing roses and generally girly fabric. (You can read about it here on the post the “The Doodle Quilt”.) I felt a little bad about all the girly fabrics and asked if he wanted his […]

Cabinet Pull Chris..

My husband and I are renovating a cabin and we saved all the cracked and worn porcelain cabinet pulls after demo-ing the kitchen.  I couldn’t dare throw them away, so when I saw a similar idea using door handles and pine garland, I knew what I wanted to make! Materials for the Cabinet Pull Christmas Trees: Cabinet pulls […]

Black houses, new ..

Black house, black gutters, black roof, white doors and windows.  Our contractor thought I’d lost my mind.  But after showing him these photos from the Cottonwood Interiors Cottonwood Blog article “Black houses” I think he’s sold.  At least sort of. I think these black homes are absolutely stunning and were our inspiration for the new color scheme […]