Let it Snow!

The first snow of the year!  I couldn’t resist an early morning walk.  It was so quiet and beautiful. Wishing everyone the best and here’s to a wonderful and joyous 2018!


Now that the cabin is finished, I wanted to share some other cabin fixer uppers I worked on while waiting (impatiently) for the cabin to be done. And I have to admit, shopping for and fixing up the secondhand stuff we found in the Historic West Bottoms was just as much fun as watching the cabin […]

A peaceful break from all the change

  It’s been forever since I’ve posted. And a lot has changed. Over the past few months I’ve moved my elderly Mother to a new home. My husband and I have moved into a new home. I started a brand new job and now have we all have a brand new President. In the spirit of […]

Moving Day

It’s Move In Day!!  After months of waiting, we received that awesome call from our contractor saying our door and windows were finally installed and the squirrel holes were all sealed up tight. So we rented a truck, picked up appliances at Home Depot and took advantage of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend to […]

A rustic fire pit and new windows!

Spring has arrived and looked at what popped up in the backyard of our cabin! Okay, so yes realistically it is just a field of weeds, but they are still pretty.  We spent last weekend at the cabin doing some yard work, mowing, and trimming (no these did NOT get mowed down!) and I fixed up […]

Cabin Construction Update

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I wanted to show some of the progress on our cabin remodel.  If you’ve been through construction before you know that it never goes as fast as you want, but our Contractors have been very busy this Spring and here are some of the pics of their […]