How to Make Yarn Scrap Christmas Wreaths

About 3 years ago, a burly construction worker walked into my store to buy some yarn for his wife.  We chatted a bit about what she needed and then he spied a ball of bulky yarn and excitedly asked. “Hey, do you remember making Christmas wreaths out of yarn like this?” “Nope.” I replied, “I don’t.”  He asked […]

Yarn Tips and Tricks for Knitters or Crocheters

With the many cold and dreary days we’ve been having lately, I’ve been knitting more in the evenings than I normally do. I was struggling with the ends of my yarn getting in the way on my latest project, the Caramel sweater by Isabell Kraemer from Ravelry.  (I’m making the yellow and grey version.) I […]

Snow Day! Chunky Crochet Cowl

We’ve had a lot of snow lately and I’ve noticed myself starting to groan about how cold it is, fussing about the roads and complaining that I have to scrape the windshield.  But today, when I was sitting inside, I looked up and noticed it was snowing. Big, huge, beautiful, fluffy flakes. And then wonderfully, a […]

Split Personality Reversible Cable Cowl – New Knitting Pattern

I’ve just come out with my latest knitting pattern, the Split Personality Reversible Cable Cowl, and I have to say it’s my favorite design so far.  What makes this pattern so me is that some days I just want to knit.  Easy stuff, as in garter stitch.  And then some days I want more of […]

slouchy knit beret

After years of enjoying knitting hats, I’m happy to say I’ve finally made one that I can actually wear! ( I guess I have a strange shaped head because most hats don’t fit, sliding off my head or making me look bug-eyed. ) The assembly of this beret is unique because instead of standard ribbing, […]

make a yarn ball

Here’s a simple way to make your own center-pull yarn ball if you don’t have a ball winder. It’s a great way to wind yarn that may have been purchased in a hank or wind yarn that has been pulled out to start over on a project.  Either way, it’s an inexpensive alternative to a […]