Shoe Trolley DIY Shoe Organizer

Why are floor shoe organizers 12″ deep, when the clothes above them are 24″ deep?  This drives me crazy.  For years, I had 2 racks of shoes on the floor and I was constantly crawling (digging) around under all my hanging clothes trying to find the shoes I wanted.  When we remodeled our attic bedroom and […]

paris in july – polaroid fotobar pics

When my husband and I first went to Paris in July, we weren’t entirely sure what to bring.  Camera wise I mean.  Did I really want to lug around my new Canon Rebel that I’m just learning to use? Would I regret it if I didn’t bring it? Probably, yes, even though I wasn’t sure I was […]

Paris Travel Journal

When I go on vacation I can’t help but come home with handfuls of maps, tickets and museum guides. (Oh, and lots of pictures too, but more on that later.) I’m always looking for a way to keep all my vacation stuff together instead of just throwing it in a shoe box. So, I came […]

a walk down 45th and state line

a bit of our Memorial Day…

Design/Build Headboard – finding a new use for some old wood shelves

Would it have been easier to just go to IKEA? Maybe, but when the nearest IKEA is 9 hours away, you’re sometimes forced to be a little more creative. This is what happened when the need for a decent looking headboard met up with a pile of used shelves. It all began when my husband […]