Moving Day


It’s Move In Day!!  After months of waiting, we received that awesome call from our contractor saying our door and windows were finally installed and the squirrel holes were all sealed up tight. So we rented a truck, picked up appliances at Home Depot and took advantage of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend to move in.



And LOOK!! The black is finished! And I love it.  From this view, the back deck still has to be built, and the broken window fixed, but other than that it’s done.  Oh, and there are supposed to be mullions on the upper windows, so they match the French doors that are both upstairs and downstairs.  I guess there was an ordering snaffoo and they are changing those out.


Doesn’t it seem like when you move it will take FOREVER?!?  Well, we were fortunate and this move in went pretty fast so we had time to enjoy the beautiful weather.



Here’s what didn’t go so fast, assembling an Ikea Brimnes king sized bed.  I think it took us both 4 hours overall to complete it and it wasn’t hard.  But before starting any large Ikea project, read the instructions thoroughly!!  Just sayin.



Here are pictures of the cabin after move-in, but as you can see these are not the final, finished “moving everything so it looks perfect” photos.  I just snapped these on my cell, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.






I’m so, so happy with how it turned out and will share more pictures and more of the DIY projects my husband and I completed for the cabin.

Now all that is left is the front porch, balcony and deck.  Hopefully completed in time for a Fourth of July weekend at the cabin!


  1. Sherry Vemmer says:

    Lovely retreat, enjoy!

  2. Looks awesome Karen! So cozy and completely relaxing. Enjoy!!

  3. Oh Karen! It’s so pretty, and I’m happy for you!

  4. Susan Elsberry says:


  5. 4pd9ususQt8y8JBkjdJ4v7eLl+LrSMGmvzJ67SoofAE= says:

    It looks so fabulous!! Very excited for you both!! My favorite accent piece? The ‘Happily Ever After’ sign above the windows. Enjoy your new/old, beautiful, serene, ‘Cabin in the Woods’ get-away!! <3

  6. Karen, It turned out so wonderfully! You are going to enjoy it so very much. I like your black house.

  7. Gretchen says:

    Oh, it’s beautiful! What a change. You and Steve will have many happy years there, I’m sure.

  8. what!? This is ridiculously adorable! Love your use of space! :) My husband are building a house right now.. going with dark siding and white trim. So excited!!!

  9. Lisa Prosser says:

    It’s beautiful Karen!!

  10. Susan Nelson says:

    It looks so cozy and I love your style! You have done a great job and I am anxious to hear about some of your special DIY projects. But it all stemmed from you wonderful vision!

  11. What a wonderful place for a getaway! It’s perfect already.

  12. So cozy!

  13. This is adorable.

  14. I am currently obsessed with Black paint. I just painted all the exterior windows on our brick house black & everyone keeps wondering if we got new windows or why does the house look nicer? We also just purchased a “cabin” (shack) that needs a complete renovation. My husband just ripped off a deck. We will definitely reuse that wood, it is a beautiful weathered grey. I know if I say to my husband “let’s make the house black” he will balk. However I just stained the new screen door with the color expresso. The more I put on the blacker it looks. Then I touched up window trim’s next to it. Hahaha the wood on our cabin walls is already a very dark brown & I can’t wait to start staining it. I think I may try to have the windows, & overhang trim black, black & keep the walls a warm, dark brown. It looks pretty awesome already. Inside the house we have long tall windows the are on the corners of the bedrooms.. I want to paint that window trim black to picture frame the beautiful woods they overlook. The rooms are very bright & have vaulted wood ceilings. It is only stain or paint if it looks terrible I can repaint it. That’s the great thing about my husband once he see’s it he has a very artistic eye & we can tweak it. I’m just the bold one that will mess around til it looks good! Much luck & happiness in your new home! ! !

    • I have to admit – I’m obsessed with black paint too! How exciting for you and your husband – we have had so much fun fixing ours up, shopping for antiques, designing, building things and DIY projects – I’m sure you will too. Did you see my other post about black houses?? There is a cabin photo that has black trim and I LOVED it- but our windows had to be new and white was the least expensive option so we just went with white trim and doors. They are still working on the deck and the handrails, and I’m staining all of those black too, with a white rocking chair and white bench for accents. Looking forward to sitting out there on the evenings. Good luck with all of your projects and much luck and happiness to you too!!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! Love everything about it!

  16. Gayle O'Grady says:

    It’s really gorgeous!! What a wonderful retreat!! Worth all the work!!

  17. Julie Foster says:

    Just fabulous, Karen! Enjoy!

  18. Lillian says:

    Karen, love the black house in the forest. Many happy years to you and Steve in this beautiful home!!

  19. Very nice! I love cabin life.

  20. Kathy Schrock says:

    Karen, you don’t know me, but I bought a beautiful necklace you made the first day you opened a booth in the West Bottoms on First Friday! I love my necklace AND I love your cabin! Enjoy!

  21. karen buckbinder says:

    looks exactly like what my husband would like to escape the texas heat and see some trees….you did a great job with everything

  22. Robin Breault says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I see some of the things we bought together!! It looks amazing Karen! Such a perfect weekend getaway retreat! I knew it was going to be awesome!

  23. Wishing for a cabin and a place to escape all the things that find me at home….yours is great!

  24. Jennifer McAroy says:

    Only thing I don’t see is the sewing/craft room!

  25. I can imagine being I n the loft, porch and kitchen. Such fun. Very nice.

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