A rustic fire pit and new windows!

flowers in the backyard

Spring has arrived and looked at what popped up in the backyard of our cabin! Okay, so yes realistically it is just a field of weeds, but they are still pretty.  We spent last weekend at the cabin doing some yard work, mowing, and trimming (no these did NOT get mowed down!) and I fixed up the seating for our new rustic firepit.  The firepit is going to sit at the end of our yard, right under the Charlie Brown pine tree in the upper left corner of this picture.  I think it looks a little funny standing out there alone – but my husband and I have differing opinions on this.  He’s the one the uses the chain saw, so for now, it stays.


rustic seating

We stumbled across this rustic 3 piece set at Restoration Emporium down in the West Bottoms in Kansas City, Missouri.  We always have the best time antique shopping down there and finding these treasures made it worth our entire day.  Somewhere in Wisconsin is a farmer who handmade this out of scrap wood and lumber – and we thank him for that!


To clean these up a bit I first scraped off all the old chipped paint.  I was hoping the entire time it wasn’t lead based paint – though it probably was, so I didn’t sand it, just scraped off all the loose flakes.  My husband then fixed a few loose boards and hammered in some extra nails for stability.


Then I used a cheap polyester brush and black porch paint, dry brushing parts of it, to give it a faded and worn look.

Rustic firepit almost done

finished chairs

Tada!  I love how they turned out and I think they will look even better when the cabin is stained black.

Oh and that big round thing in the middle of the picture – that’s our new fire pit!  Can you guess what it is?? It’s the bottom of a propane tank! My husband knows a welder who got his hands on about 200 of these. The welder knew this guy that knew this farmer that needed a large drain for his field. And, this is crazy, but it was less expensive for the farmer to buy 200 propane tanks, cut off the bottoms and then weld them together than it was to buy traditional concrete drainage pipes. So what do you do with 200 propane tank butts? You make fire pits! It has 3 holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, a top to cover the burning embers and a metal ring base for it to sit in. We haven’t used our pit yet, but after the first use the white paint on the outside is supposed to fall off and then it will just be an awesome rusty chunk of metal!

We still have to put a weed liner down, fill the pit with white rock and screw down the edge boards to keep them in place. The metal pit looks a little lopsided now because we haven’t leveled the ground yet, but the pit is coming along!

A Curious Critter

curious critter

Here’s one reason why we went with inexpensive rustic furniture. See those muddy paw prints?  Something was very busy checking out our new digs.

Think it was a raccoon.

flower trail

And we think that he/she has been busy using our back yard as a short cut to somewhere. Can you see the trail on the right through the flowers?

Here’s the back of the cabin before…

Let the sunshine in!

outside windows

And here it is after!  There is no trim around these windows yet and when then new deck is on, that back door step won’t be such a doozy.

The contractors busted a window (bummer) during installation which is why there is black plastic on the lower right window.

side windows

Looking out

windows inside

We have windows!!  There is no finished trim on these interior windows either, but we still think they are looking good!

Oh, and a new back door too!

While working on installing the front door, the contractors found live termites.  Not good – but to be expected.  Fortunately we found them sooner than later and can get them taken care of.

Progress keeps inching it’s way slowly forward…fingers crossed we can get in by Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Susan Elsberry says:

    I enjoy your blog so much.Your cabin is wonderful!

  2. I looooove that fire pit!!!

  3. Robin Breault says:

    Love it!! Looks amazing!!!

  4. As usual, I am still in love with your place! I am so enjoying this updates, and I so hope you will be in soon!!

  5. You are a magician! I love everything about this cabin redo but the fire pit is my favorite so far. Keep those pics coming.

  6. Debbie Brugnoni says:

    Love seeing all the updates!

  7. Love it all! Need more though! Do you have any fresh Memorial Day shots?

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