Cabin Construction Update

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I wanted to show some of the progress on our cabin remodel.  If you’ve been through construction before you know that it never goes as fast as you want, but our Contractors have been very busy this Spring and here are some of the pics of their progress.

Total Bathroom Overhall

bath sink before

Okay, see that beam in the upper right portion of the photo (and sorry about the crappy, grainy photo).  That beam, ceiling and the floor are all that have remained from the original bathroom.


Same beam in the upper right.  We saved as many of the cedar boards as we could and reused them, so the cabin would have the same look and feel AND to be green AND to save money!  The cedar boards in the center left of this photo all came out of the demo’d kitchen.


And the new medicine cabinet and lights…

sink and mirror

and now the new sink and doors!  We are really happy with how this turned out.  (Still a few little things here left to finish.)

tub before

And here is the original tub…


and here it is sanded, painted and with new faucets.  We love it! No shower here at the cabin, just a relaxing bath.  The plywood in the upper right is where the new window will be.

A cute, little kitchen

kitchen island without top

When we left off, the contractors had just set the concrete counters and we were waiting for them to dry.

polishing the counters

counter detail

A whole lot of polishing and here is the finished concrete countertop.  When we first saw them wet, we worried a bit we picked a color that was too dark, but it dried lighter and now we love it! (Those are just wet streaks in the photo from me wiping it down.)

kitchen island

kitchen cabinets

Here is the finished pantry with a microwave shelf. The cabinets are done except for the hardware. The board you see on top of the counter is a shelf that will be mounted on the back wall for storing plates/glasses, etc.

Going Upstairs


The upstairs railing is done, so no more worrying about falling over the side.  Sooooo much better than the ladder before!

His and Hers Bedroom Closets

closet rough in

Here is the framing for the closets upstairs.  We had to make use of the oddly shaped spaces upstairs for hanging storage.  The rod will be a little low, and it might look a little strange, but it will be functional.

closets with doors

Spring has Sprung

wild violets

Part of the fun we are having is watching all the new growth pop up and exploring the woods.  We have a small patch of these adorable wild violets,

mossy rocks

and a section of these beautiful moss covered rocks. We’ve been exploring the woods as much as possible this winter, because once all the thorny bushes start blooming and the poison ivy and all the critters come back out – I’m staying OUT of the trees!

The windows and doors are on order and we are waiting for those, and the warmer weather, to arrive. And they both can’t come soon enough!


  1. Gretchen says:

    Beautiful! It is so exciting to see the changes. I love the bathroom sink!

  2. Yey!!! I am so excited to see this update!! Those concrete counters are just beautiful!

    • Thanks Jay! I didn’t put this information in the post, but maybe I should. The contractors had to seam two forms together due to the length of the counter. At the seam line the aggregate mysteriously gathered together and formed a little grouping. I was okay with it and I think it looks sort of artistic and cool, but it’s not supposed to look like that. And then, the contractors accidentally hit the underside of one of the corners and a large piece of aggregate broke off. They aren’t charging us for the countertop and fortunately you can’t really see it. Have you had any problems with chipping or aggregates coming loose?

      • Hmmm I don’t remember ever having a seam in ours, but it was more squarish than it was long. But I can just imagine what the seam looks like and I can imagine why you would like it. To me, it just adds character, makes it yours and brings a little charm. Nothing is ever perfect, so even more to love an imperfection. Us creative types see beauty in everything. And thank goodness you they aren’t charging you if they chipped a piece! That would be a nightmare for me, but I suppose as long as you can’t see it and your are mindful of further chips then it should be OK :) just make sure you are careful with the countertop baby lol! I do like how the turned out though, pretty speckles 😀 the whole cottage is gorgeous!

  3. Amazing! It all looks fantastic. LOVE the cement counters and white subway tile!

  4. Lisa Prosser says:

    Karen- the cabin looks amazing!! Love seeing your posts!

  5. Gayle O'Grady says:

    The cabin is turning out really nice. So happy for you that you’ll have this great retreat.

  6. Julie Foster says:

    Everything looks so fresh and inviting! Your little slice of heaven.

  7. Melissa Healer says:

    Wow, it’s looking good Karen!

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