Cabinet Pull Christmas Trees

cabinet pull christmas trees diy

cabinet knob christmas trees

cabinet pulls

My husband and I are renovating a cabin and we saved all the cracked and worn porcelain cabinet pulls after demo-ing the kitchen.  I couldn’t dare throw them away, so when I saw a similar idea using door handles and pine garland, I knew what I wanted to make!

Materials for the Cabinet Pull Christmas Trees:

  • Cabinet pulls with center screw hole. Try to use cabinet pulls that are flatish on the bottom. The finished Christmas trees will tip and sway a little bit like weeble wobbles, but it will make them even cuter.
  • Decorative Christmas trees (These are Lemax Snowy Pines I purchased at Michael’s, but any type of hobby or craft tree that looks good with the pulls will work.)
  • E6000
  • Toothpicks
  • Wirecutters

trim the christmas tree

Step 1: Snip off the base if your tree is attached to one.


Step 2: Fill the screw hole with E6000.  If  the E6000 bubbles up, use a toothpick to pop the bubble and fill the entire cavity all the way to the top.

hold christmas tree

Step 3:  Hold the tree in position for 5-10 minutes until the E6000 sets and the Christmas tree will stand up straight on it’s own.  Let the E6000 dry overnight before handling them.

cabinet pull christmas tree forest

I can’t wait to put these little Christmas trees on the mantle of our cabin!


  1. What a great way to recycle! I can’t wait to see the cabin set for Christmas.

  2. Robin Breault says:

    So creative! Love them!!!

  3. Those are super cute, what a great idea.

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