10 Minute Easy and Pretty Earring Holder

easy hanging earring holder for large earrings


I love to stay organized and I love a good organizing project that takes less than 10 minutes to make!  This earring organizer is especially great if you like long, dangling earrings that get tangled up easily or prefer an earring holder that lets you see all of your earrings at one glance. The worst part of this project for me was removing the sticker from the back of the aluminum sheet. Why so sticky? The rest of the project is a snap.


materials for DIY earring holder


bend the screen for the earrings

bending the screen

Bend the aluminum gently so it forms a soft arc in the center. The aluminum is soft and bends easily, so if you are worried about getting a seam in the metal try putting it over something long and straight, like a stair tread or the straight back of a sofa.

The arc makes it easier to hang and remove the earrings, so the earring backs don’t poke out the back and hit the wall.


ribbon for earring holder

ribbon hanger for DIY jewelry display

Insert the ribbon ends through the metal openings.

tying the bow hanger for earring display

tie the bow on the earring holder

Tie the bow to create a hanger for the earring holder.


DIY earring holder for large earrings

easy earring holder for large earrings

The aluminum sheeting comes in other patterns and finishes, so it’s easy to customize it for your own closet.


closet design tips

Here are more photos of the closet before I made the earring holder.


Wire wrapped earrings


I’ve recently started writing for the Craftsy jewelry blog at www.craftsy.com.  So if seeing all these earrings has inspired you to make some of your own – head on over to Craftsy for the instructions to make this pair of wire wrapped drops.


  1. Karen, I love the earring holder! My daughter needs one, so this can be a little quickie bonding craft time for us! I’ve also found those sheets at Hobby Lobby, but a bit smaller, in a few different patterns.

  2. What an awesome idea! You’re so clever! I think I’ll make one of these for my daughter-in-law and my nieces! Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

  3. Great earring holder and so simple! You are a genius. I wear angel perfume too ?

  4. Julie Foster says:

    Love this idea! I lays try to think of ways to use those decorative metal sheets.

  5. Very Cool idea. Thanks for sharing. I just created a site for these things. Decorative Metal Sheets I think there’s some good info there as well.

  6. Linda Ellman says:

    I checked this at home depot the price was kind of high..20.00 but loved the idea thanks..

  7. Love it! I know this is a late reply, but wondered where to find the necklace holder in front of the mirror? Thanks!

  8. This is awesome! So tired of searching for my earrings! Thanks so much! Made one over the weekend and showed co-workers today! They loved it and are going to make themselves one!

  9. Thanks for sharing! My husband and son made a necklace holder for me for Christmas. It is so practical and pretty that I now need an earring holder as well. I can’t wait to see how many of my earrings I will use after displaying them like this!t

  10. What an awesome idea.. I have my earrings in a bowl and they are always getting hooked together.. I will be doing this tomorrow.

  11. Marty Brooks says:

    I have also made earring hangers from Aida cloth. I hand paint pictures on the cloth, sew a seam along the top and put a small diameter dowel through and hang it on a ribbon. Lots of room for lots of earrings!!

  12. Nichole harris says:

    Oh my stars. Where were you when I made an earring holder a few years back , and I’m still not satisfied with it. This is on my list of things to do this weekend. This is so beautiful and functional. Thank you for this awesome tip!!!

  13. Katie Goggin says:

    Im going to try it this weekend w/my daughter. Thank you. I hope I can find the aluminum easily at Home depot close to my house. :>

  14. What department in Home Depot and Hobby Lobby can I find these sheets?

  15. Charlotte from AZ says:

    What a clever idea! I will definitely be making one of these…so functional and so pretty looking as well. Now I want to go and check out Craftsy.Com and look at your tutorials! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  16. Gale McIntosh says:

    where did you get the hanging necklace thing Gale , Gale@nopain.com

  17. Hello ialwayspickthethimble,

    I love your long earring organizer and I am making it for my wife, Hilary, for Christmas. My questions are, how did u pull the sticker off the aluminum sheet and a free you take it off and clean off all the adhesive, does it tarnish easily or rust? Thank you for your time and for answering my questions.


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