Free Cafe Apron Sewing Pattern

free sewing pattern

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not much of a baker, but who doesn’t love a cute little apron? This free Cafe Apron sewing pattern is a play off the Memory Lane Tote pattern  I have for sale on Craftsy and it’s great for using leftover strips of fabric. French seams are used to connect the fabrics and the stitching technique creates a playful wave texture. Because of the French seams there are no raw edges on the apron back and therefore doesn’t require lining.  If you haven’t tried edge binding by hand, don’t be afraid! The technique included is easy enough for beginning level sewers or quilters.

Free Cafe Apron Sewing Pattern Instructions

Free Cafe Apron Sewing Pattern

Click on the link above for the sewing pattern.  The written out instructions are pretty clear, but I have included pictures below to help clarify the instructions. (The pictures are not included on the printed pattern because it would make the pattern very long to print. Plus, the pictures are easier to see in color.)

Materials for Cafe Apron

  • 2/3 yard of fabric for waistband, ties and background fabric
  • 8 different strips of 3″ wide x 21″ long pieces of fabric
  • thread
  • marking chalk or wash away fabric marking pen
  • 2 pieces of 24″ x 5″ iron-on interfacing for waistband
  • rotary cutter, matt and straight edge or scissors
  • general sewing/quilting supplies (pins, tape measure, sewing needle, etc.)

The material list is included on the pdf pattern as well.  All the fabrics except the background fabric are from Anna Maria Horner.  If you didn’t catch my last post, I posted pictures after visiting her beautiful new store in Nashville, Tennessee, Craft South.

picture 1

free sewing pattern

Instructional Photos for Cafe Apron

picture 2

cafe apron pattern step 2

picture 3

free sewing pattern

picture 4

cafe apron pattern step 4

picture 5

free sewing pattern

picture 6

free sewing pattern

picture 7

free sewing pattern

picture 8

cafe apron pattern step 8

picture 9

cafe apron pattern step 10

picture 10

cafe apron pattern step 9

picture 11

cafe apron pattern step 11

picture 12

cafe apron pattern step 12

picture 13

cafe apron pattern step 13

picture 14

cafe apron pattern step 14

picture 15

free sewing pattern

picture 16

free sewing pattern

picture 17

free sewing pattern

picture 18

free sewing pattern

picture 19

free sewing pattern

Finished Cafe Apron

free sewing pattern

free apron pattern


  1. Ronna magargee says:

    I have been looking for something to do with fabric saved from my daughters clothes . A unique memory apron. Let you know how things go. Always Ronna

  2. Susan L. says:

    This is adorable! Once again, i wish i was learning to sew!!!!

  3. This is such a creative and fun design! We shared it with our audience today on Sewtorial ( ) and our Facebook page (

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