Sundance Style Bracelet – How to use a Magical Crimper

Sundance Style Beaded Bracelet using a Magical Crimper

It can be a challenge guessing what people like and want people want to make.  At my store Urban Arts + Crafts (which closed December 2014) our most popular jewelry making class was this bracelet. Why? We think it was because of the mix of materials, its casual look and feel, the ability to personalize it with charms and fact that it’s adjustable.  When you are selling or making jewelry for other people, size adjustability is always a good thing. So I thought I would share how to make this bracelet and show you how to use my favorite beading tool, the Magical Crimper, which turns ugly crimps into pretty round beads.



Sundance Style Bracelet step 1

Slide a crimp, then the chain, onto the beading wire.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 2

Fold the wire back through the crimp, and slide the crimp so it rests near the chain.  Leave a small gap as pictured, to allow for ease in your bracelet.

How to use a Magical Crimper

Position the crimp in the circular notch of the magical crimper.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 4

Pinch the crimp. Now it looks like a little ravioli.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 3b

Turn the crimp so the flat ravioli edges are now sitting in the circular notch of the magical crimper.  Pinch the crimp again.

How to use a magical crimper

Continue to pinch and turn and pinch and turn until the ravioli now looks like a smooth round bead.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 3d


Sundance Style Bracelet step 5

Start sliding the beads onto the wire, making sure to slide the beads over both ends of the wire.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 6

Slide on about 5 – 5 1/2″ long of beads.

Then slide on a crimp, slide on the large 10mm jump ring, then insert the end of the wire back into the crimp…

Sundance Style Bracelet step 7

and into the next 2-3 beads. This will help hide and secure the end of the wire.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 8

Use the magic crimper tool to attach the crimp, just as before. Don’t slide the crimp too tight against the jump ring. If it is too tight, the bracelet will lay stiff and not wrap easily around your wrist.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 9

Using the side cutters, trim off the excess wire as close to the beads as possible.


Sundance Style Bracelet step 10

Insert about 1″ of the leather end into the large jump ring and fold it over.

Using a piece of wire about 4-5″ long, fold the wire around both ends of the leather, pinching it together tight.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 11

Continue to wrap the wire completely around the leather (using your hands, or a plier) at least 3-4 times.

Trim off the wire close to the leather.

Use a flat nose plier to press down the ends of the wires if needed.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 12

Repeat for the other piece of leather.

Trim off the leather with a diagonal cut, about 1/4″ away from the wire.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 13

Slide the rondelle beads onto the leather.

If you have trouble threading the leather through the center of the rondelle, cut the end of the leather to a sharp diagonal point.  Insert the leather through the rondelle, then grab the tip of the leather with your pliers and pull. You may need to re-cut the leather a couple of times if the roundelles are tight.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 14

Insert the other end of the leather into the closest ring of the chain.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 18

To determine the length of the leather strands, lay the bracelet on a flat surface, so the leather is just a little longer than the beads.  

Sundance Style Bracelet step 15

Fold the short end of the leather back through the chain, then wrap the wire near the fold of the leather.

Trim off the ends of the wire.

Sundance Style Bracelet 16

Repeat for the other end of the leather.


Sundance Style Bracelet 17

Attach the 8mm jump ring to the lobster claw, then slide the 8mm jump ring onto the larger jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 19

Use a headpin to attach a bead or charms onto the larger jump ring.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 20

Personalize your bracelet by adding a metal stamped initial charm.  If you haven’t tried metal stamping before, click on this link  “Metal Stamping Tips and Tricks” to find out how to make your own personalized charms.

Sundance Style Bracelet step 21

Add a jump ring to the charm and attach to the larger jump ring.

Sundance Style Bracelet with charms


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  2. Gayle O'Grady says:

    Love the bracelet, and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Barbara Sloan says:

    Another Great tutorial-keep them coming! We are leaving CT; headed to new job in San Francisco! Hopefully better materials sources!

  4. Lovely, thanks for sharing.

  5. Cherri Aiken says:

    I’m making one today. Can’t wait to get started!

  6. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am going to try this!

  7. Love the tutorial! Too cute! What kind of crimping pliers are you using? I’ve never seen those before!!

  8. Um never mind, I see that it’s a Magical Crimper now. I’m so embarrassed!! So sorry to be dim witted!!!

  9. Great tutorial. Thank you for such clear directions. I will definitely be making a few of these.

  10. This will be perfect for my daughter. I’m going for it. Thanks do much.

  11. Thank you for such a great step by step tutorial! I enjoyed making this so much and the finished bracelet is so pretty! It’s hard to tell it was handmade! I really love all your DIYs and am having so much fun trying them out. Thank you!

    • Thank you Lindsey – and I’m so glad you are having such great luck with them! That’s one of my favorite things about jewelry making – “impressing” my friends who DON’T make jewelry with what I have made. Glad it’s working for you too! Happy beading! Karen

  12. Julie White says:

    I absolutely love this!!! Can you tell me what size beads and silver rondelle beads you used?

    • Hi Julie, the beads were 6mm, but size doesn’t really matter for this bracelet, you can use just about anything. I picked the rondelles based on the size of their opening, because they slid tightly onto the 2mm leather, and I think they were 6mm as well. Hope this helps! k

  13. Nancy Rosera says:

    I love the variety of gemstones you used in this bracelet. I am having difficulty finding a similar variety with the large hole needed to make this bracelet. Do you have any suggestions on where to look for these beads. I very much appreciate your help. Thank you, Nancy

    • If you haven’t yet, I would try a local bead store and not a chain store. Or if your city has bead shows that come to town, that’s where I was able to find mine. But you are correct, they are less common and more difficult to find. Good luck!

  14. I can’t wait to try this. thank you, it is beautiful!

  15. Love this!!! Can’t wait to try making it!!

  16. eve bower says:

    Thank you for such easy detailed step by step instructions, I am new to bracelet making but I think this would be easy even for my first time.

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