Leather Wrapped Arrow Bracelet

leather wrapped arrow bracelet - cute outdoors leather wrapped arrow bracelet - rugged and pretty You know how some people pile on 9 necklaces or wear 6 statement rings at the same time?  I love that!  I’m a pile-on-the-bracelets kind of a girl and this leather wrapped arrow bracelet is great for adding bracelet layers. What makes this bracelet a little bit different, is where I found the arrows. You should be able to find them in the scrapbooking section of just about any craft store that carries Tim Holtz.  I love using things in ways they aren’t necessarily intended for!


  • 40 inches of 1.5 mm distressed brown leather
  • 2 pinch style end clasps to fit the 1.5 mm leather
  • 2 jump rings (I used 5 mm)
  • 1 package Tim Holtz Arrow Adornments
  • 2 hole punch by Impress Art
  • flat nose pliers
  • scissors
  • E6000 glue

1. Cut leather and attach end clasp leather wrapped arrow bracelet crimping the ends

  • Cut the leather to the length you want the bracelets to be, without any overage.  This bracelet wraps 6 times and I used a piece of leather 39″ long.
  • Add a dab of E6000 to the end of the leather, slide on the end clasp and pinch in the center to hold it on.  You don’t have to use the E6000 but I always feel safer with it.

leather wrapped arrow bracelet (3 of 15)

  • Attach the other end clasp to the other end of the leather.

2. Drilling the holes leather wrapped arrow bracelet drilling the holes

  • Using the 1/16″ end of this 2 hole punch by Impress Arts, drill a hole into the arrowhead and one into the fletching.  (I had to google the word arrow to find out what the other end of the arrow was actually called. Maybe this little bit of trivia will impress your friends or be useful someday? )

leather wrapped arrow bracelet broken arrow

Learn from my stupid.

The first arrow I drilled went perfectly.  Then I thought, I should bend this a little bit so it curves and fits around the wrist better.  I think the arrows are made of metal but trying to bend it as much as I did, which was a lot, was not the brightest thing to do.  So I practiced my drilling technique on the broken arrow by drilling another hole in the fletching and this time I got it too close to the edge.  The second arrow went fine. The bracelet looks really cute without bending it, so I just should have stopped while I was ahead.

3. Assemble the bracelet leather wrapped arrow bracelet add second jump ring

  • Add a jump ring connecting the arrowhead to the leather.

The arrow will sort of slide around on the leather, but it stays put once you have it on your wrist.

leather wrapped arrow bracelet add jump

  • Add a jump ring to attach the fletching side of the arrow to the leather, so it hangs down loose on the bracelet.


What’s great about this scrapbooking product is that in addition to the 3 little arrows, you get 3 big ones too.  So I’m definitely thinking there will be some arrow necklaces in my future!

“May your arrows fly straight and your aim be true.”


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  1. LOVE!! I too am a pile on the bracelets kind of gal! And since ‘Follow Your Arrow’ (by Kacey Musgraves) is a favorite of mine, I should absolutely make one of these!! Thanks for sharing!!

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