Metal Stamped Vintage Key Jewelry – Stamping GIVEAWAY

stamped metal key jewelry collection

I’ve been itching awhile to find something to do with vintage keys.  I’ve always wanted to try stamping on them, but was too worried about the hardness of the keys destroying the detailing of the metal letters.  So when Impress Art came out with new premium stamps manufactured especially for use on hard metals and stainless steel (they have a lifetime guarantee!) I had to give them a try.

Searching for the perfect key


keys detail

It’s kind of a funny story where all these keys came from. My husband’s Father was an antique collector and regularly attended antique auctions. One Saturday he came back from an auction with an enormous metal safe. When he got home and opened it, he realized there was a locked interior metal box way at the back – but he had no key.  So he kept buying keys and buying keys and buying keys, hoping to find the one that would open that interior safe.

Vintage keys can be really beautiful, but the keys I wanted to try and use were the plain ones.  Smooth and without ridges so they could be stamped down the long side.  I thought maybe they were a special type of key, maybe a trunk key or something specific like that.  But, the only name for them I found was “flat keys” which isn’t very exciting but at least the description rings true.

Vintage Stamped Key Jewelry Materials

stamped key materials

  • Premium Metal Stamping Set by Impress Art
  • Hammer
  • Stamping Block
  • Vintage flat Keys
  • Gilders Paste
  • Jewelry Chain
  • For the bracelet – about 9″ of chain (large enough that the lobster clasp will fit in it, so it will be adjustable) lobster clasp, 2 jump rings and a 2 hole punch by Impress Art

Cleaning the Keys

stamped key cleaning

To research cleaning the keys, I hopped on the internet.  Household vinegar kept popping up as the best solution so I gave it a try.  I soaked the keys for 30 minutes and it did clean the keys, but it didn’t remove the grime.  I was going for an aged look, but not really a grimy one.  I had just about chucked doing this project, until a couple of days later when I did some cleaning and found this bottle of Brasso under the sink. “Helps polish and protect most metals.” Huh.  So I tried it and it worked. I have no idea why Brasso was under our sink, but I’ve since determined that trying things for yourself is sometimes better than just using the internet.

To get a before and after cleaning comparison, in the 4th picture from the beginning the 3 keys on the lower right were cleaned using Brasso (which stinks pretty bad, so I opened a window) and the rest of the keys to the left were cleaned just using vinegar (which also stinks pretty bad).

Monogrammed Vintage Key Necklaces


I started with the monogram necklace first to get some practice stamping on the keys.


I trashed the next key entirely by not wacking it hard enough and then by wacking it too hard.  So after practicing a bit, I got my confidence back and stamped the word love on this key.  That’s my husbands initial on the front of the tiny key. On the other side of the tiny key is my initial.  (awwwww.)

Vintage Key Bracelet How-To


Here’s a quick tutorial on the key bracelet.

1.  Stamp your message

stamped key stamping

As I said above, you will have to hit these keys harder than most pendants. If you’ve never stamped before, hop on over to my tutorial Metal Stamping Tips + Tricks  for some suggestions on letter alignment and other stamping tips.

 2. Punch the hole

stamped key hole drill

This handy little drill by Impress Art punches holes through all types of metal including coins. With a pencil, mark where you want your hole.   Place the key inside the clamp and turn the screw clockwise.  The screw swivels down and pops out a little 1 /16″ sized hole.

3.  Patina the key

stamped key apply guilders paste

Using a Q-Tip, wipe Gilders Paste across the entire front of the key, making sure it fills all the stamped impressions.  Then, wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.

4. Add chain and a jump ring

stamped key attaching jump ring

Cut a piece of chain about 9″ long.  Using jewelry pliers open a jump ring and attach the key and one end of the chain to the jump ring and then close.

5. Add a lobster claw

stamped key attaching lobster claw

Open a jump ring, slide on a lobster claw to the other end of the chain and close the jump ring.

stamped vintage key jewelry finished

Win this!

kit-newsprint (1)
Here is the prize for the metal stamping giveaway provided by Impress Arts. (Valued at $70.00!)  Just add a comment below to enter.  (And we can only ship to the US.)  Contest runs through March 8th.

Good Luck and happy stamping!

(Our contest is now closed.)

Congratulations to the winner Susan Gray!  Happy stamping Susan!

Many of you asked in the comments if my Father-in-Law ever found the key to open the safe.  And no, he did not.  He passed away before he was able to open the safe.  But for him, the fun was in the hunt.




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  200. heather parker says:

    Just started stamping and always appreciate new ideas.

  201. This is too funny-I just thought of this use for my old keys that have been hanging around that i picked up from flea markets-GMTA. I wasnt aware that these harder stamps were available , I hope i didnt ruin the ones i have lol. I am really hoping to win this great give away !!!!! I dont have much money but love revamping old things anyway and being creative–these would sure help thanks for offering !! sara :)

  202. Cynthia says:

    Love your blog.
    I have really been wanting a metal stamping kit for quite awhile now, but it hasn’t been in my budget. So maybe it isn’t just a coincidence that I just saw this at the last minute to enter. Have already had alot of time thinking about what I could stamp and what I would stamp. The possibilities are endless !

    Hope I win :)

  203. Amy Simpson says:

    What a simple but amazing idea. I would love to win a starter pack. I have plenty of vintage keys and findings but nothing to stamp with!

  204. Barbara says:

    So inspiring.. I would love to win and get started on stamping

  205. Rise Stephenson says:

    Just think of all the cool things you could do with this! I would love to win it!

  206. I really want to learn how to stamp !!!!!

  207. I have a coffee can full of old keys. They always fascinated me! Would love to make some jewelry with them! Thanks for the chance to win! How exciting!!!

  208. Cristin says:

    That is a great idea! A great way to recycle old keys. After all, how many of us end up with keys to things we don’t have anymore? It looks like an awesome kit too.

  209. Kathleen McGowan says:

    This looks like so much fun. Would love to win.

  210. Sara Broster says:

    I have wanted to progress my jewellery making to stamping for some time now but haven’t found the right ideas…this could be a start. Let me know when you post to Australia as I would love to get started using your products

  211. Rochelle Allsbury says:

    The possibilities are limitless! Been tinkering with stamping the last couple weeks.

  212. Kat Douma says:

    I’ve been collecting keys for awhile and wanted to find something clever to do with them. These are great.

  213. A great way to remember someone if they have passed and you have some of their keys. Love the idea of stamping keys! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    • ialwayspickthethimble says:

      Thanks Vickie! But don’t get too excited…the contest is over. Stay tuned though, there may be another contest soon!

  214. Excellent tutorial, very thorough, thank you! I just got my new stamping tools in, and your post here helped me choose what I needed. I also love upcycling and used to collect keys when I was little, but I never had as many as the stash in your photo. Thank you!

  215. Terri Tankersley says:

    I am wanting to try this and plan on ordering the stamps. Can you tell me what size of stamps you used?

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