Split Personality Reversible Cable Cowl – New Knitting Pattern


I’ve just come out with my latest knitting pattern, the Split Personality Reversible Cable Cowl, and I have to say it’s my favorite design so far.  What makes this pattern so me is that some days I just want to knit.  Easy stuff, as in garter stitch.  And then some days I want more of a challenge.  This infinity cowl satisfies both sides of my knitting personality!

One of the features I really like is how the garter stitch and cable intertwine.  When you throw the garter stitch section over your neck, then twist the cowl once and put the cabled portion over your head – the cables and garter stitch criss-cross and lay nicely.  However, figuring this out was a bit of a chore.  Gretchen (one of my many wonderful employees) and I twisted, flipped, and twisted again and again until we finally had to start taking photos and ultimately a video to record what we were doing!  So with a lot of false starts, I finally figured out the easy way to get this thing to lay just the way I wanted it to!

If you are new to cabling, the pattern includes a page of cable tips with photos to help you out in case you loose track of your cabling progress.  And it’s easy to do.  The knitting pattern also includes a series of boxes you can check off when finished to help you keep track of where you are at in the cabling section.

Another feature I like is that this is an infinity cowl – but it’s not knit in the round as many infinity cowls traditionally are because of how I wanted the cable and garter stitch to overlap.  To create a seamless connection for this cowl, it’s best to use a provisional cast on and graft it together using the garter stitch to garter stitch method.  If that intimidates you, you can just sew the ends together but you will see the seam.  If you are a beginner, maybe you can use this cowl as an opportunity to learn some new knitting techniques!  There are many wonderful videos on-line that can show you how to start with a provisional cast-on and graft your final seam together.

To Purchase this Knit Cowl Pattern

Here are the links to purchase this $4.00 reversible cable cowl pattern on Craftsy and on Ravelry.  Happy knitting!


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  1. Pam Vittorino says:

    I LOVE this scarf. I have knitted many cowls and this is the only one I’ve kept for myself. It is so classy looking and with the help of Utube I have mastered the provisional cast on and grafting join. Thank you so much and look forward to your next design.

    • ialwayspickthethimble says:

      That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you liked your finished cowl- and that you kept it for yourself. We all deserve a little knitted something for ourselves now and then!

  2. This cowl makes up easily – make several for chilly spring days

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