Let Go Leather Wrap Stamped Metal Bracelet

leather wrap believe and let go bracelet

Any message can be put on pendants which is one of the reasons I love metal stamping.  Names, inspirational sayings, special dates, etc. all can be used.   This year I wanted to make something to help remind me of my goals for this year, so I created this simple leather wrap bracelet.

Leather Wrap Stamped Metal Bracelet Materialsstamped metal believe materials

  • 1.5 mm distressed leather cord, about 1 yard
  • pinch end style clasp and hook
  • rectangle pendant,  1- 1/8″ x 3/8″
  • round pendant,  1/2″ diameter
  • 22 gauge wire, 2 lengths about 6-8 inches long
  • chain, used for the extender
  • 2 jump rings
  • The metal stamps used on this project were 3mm “Bridgette” stamps by Impress Art and 1.5 mm “Gothic” stamps by Beadsmith.  
  • The pendants used are all by Nunn Designs.
  • Guilder’s Paste, black
  • E6000
  • pliers and scissors 

Believe and Let Gometal pendant believe

When stamping, I sometimes like to mix fonts sizes and styles, which I did on the pendants above. I think it adds interest and can highlight special words or meanings.   If you are nervous about trying out metal stamping, take a look at my previous post “Metal Stamping Tips + Tricks”.  I put together a bunch of how-to photos and alignment tips that walk you through getting started and hopefully boost your confidence to try out metal stamping.

Putting it all together

stamped metal believe wire 1. First, cut a piece of leather 3″ long.  Put 1/2″ of the leather through the hole in the pendant, fold it back and then wrap the wire around both pieces of leather. Cut another piece of leather 28-1/2″ long and repeat for the other side.

stamped metal believe jump ring2. Add a jump ring into the left leather loop and attach the round pendant.

stamped metal believe hook3. Add a dab of E6000 to the shorter end of leather and slide the hook end of the clasp onto the leather end.  Carefully pinch it closed around the leather.

stamped metal believe chain4. Try on the bracelet by wrapping the leather around your wrist 5 times.  Keep in mind the leather will stretch over time, so go for a tight fit.  Add a dab of  E6000 to the longer end of the leather, then attach the loop end of the clasp.  Carefully pinch it closed around the leather.  Then, use a jump ring to connect the loop to the extender chain.  The extender chain makes the bracelet adjustable, and if the leather does stretch you can tighten it.

My words to live by

believe-and-let-go finished
This bracelet came about because one day I was in the need of some inspirational pick-me-ups.  I was poking around online and stumbled across these two words.   

Let go.

Bingo. Yep, that’s exactly what I need to do.  And that’s also what is very difficult for me.

When I start fussing and worrying about something it’s like my brain is a broken record.  I think I’ve worked my way through whatever is bothering me and then my brain just keeps skipping back to it.  Over and over and seriously, it’s not productive and I end up just annoying myself and probably others as well.  It can be exhausting.

But I want to try and learn to let go.  I want to stop worrying, fussing, stressing and learn to be present.  However along with this, is the importance of believing that I actually can accomplish this goal.  So this bracelet is to help remind me of what I want to achieve, which includes believing that I actually can learn to let go and hopefully be a happier person because of it.



  1. Julie Winz says:

    Karen, do you have a link as to where you purchased the chain? I love the quality of it. Thanks! Julie

    • ialwayspickthethimble says:

      Same as the pendants, it’s by Nunn Design. It’s a sturdy chain that works really well as an extender. Glad you liked it!

  2. Just lovely. Thanks for the very straightforward instructions.

  3. marilyn mcguinn says:

    i am impressed and plan on making several. Would it just as well with 2mm leather?

    • ialwayspickthethimble says:

      Hi Marilyn! I don’t think the 2mm will fit through the pre-drilled holes. The 1.5mm leather is a pretty tight fit. Impress Art does make a hole driller that you could use if you wanted to enlarge the holes. I hope this helps!

  4. I found your site and this tutorial through the Nunn Design newsletter I receive and I really like it. Anything leather is right up my alley and stamped words are a personal touch that makes everything unique and different! Great tutorial.

    • ialwayspickthethimble says:

      Thanks MiShel! I see you are a pearl geek. Right after I finished taking pictures of the bracelet, I added a little pearl to dangle from the adjustable chain. Love your jewelry! :)

  5. Amber Savage says:

    Karen, Do you have accept orders for your pieces? I wanted to make this myself but I’m running short on time and have no experience.

  6. I am so inspired by your tutorials and YouTube videos! It is just what I was searching for on Google. I appreciate your generosity to share all of this. This is a rare thing these days! It will come back to you in some way!

  7. This is s beautiful piece! Where did you get your distresses leather cord? I’m having a hard time finding cord that looks good, not coated and shiny. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Shannon, we sell it here at my store http://www.urbanartsandcrafts.com. but the store is closing soon. I haven’t seen leather like this at any chain stores, but I would try a local bead store that carries stranding supplies or maybe a bead show. I feel the same about the coated and shiny leather. I wonder if you can distress it yourself? Just a thought. k

  8. Hi! Late to the party here, but wondering – you had to punch the second hole in the rectangular pendant, correct? I don’t see 2-hole pendants at Nunn Design. Thanks!

  9. Karen Favreau says:

    what is the guilder’s paste used for?

  10. Karen,
    I love this LET GO leather wrap bracelet,
    is it still for sale?

  11. I love your blog. So many fantastic designs. Don’t stop inspiring.

  12. Sandra Bourgery says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to try this out myself! I’m excited!
    Any chance you know of a vendor that sells this leather cord? I love the distressed look. Also…where can I get custom stamps made…any idea?


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