pretty little pincushion ring

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You’ll need :

  • 3/4″ diameter felt ball
  • adjustable ring with a 3/4″ diameter base plate with short lip near the edge
  • E6000
  • sharp scissors

pincushion ring materials

Here’s how to make it:

Cut, glue, stick and that’s pretty much it.  Don’t you love crafts this easy!

It’s kinda funny because we sell these little rings in the store and most people squeal in delight when they see them.  But every once in awhile there’s a grumpy woman who sniffs “Yes, but is it practical?”  And I just want to say to her “Yes! Yes!”

When I’m sewing by hand, I have this really bad habit of sticking all the pins I’m finished using into the arm of my chair while I sew. Which usually isn’t too much of a problem, unless I forget to take them out, and my husband goes to sit down and plants his hand on a sea of pins.

The pincushion ring helps me remember to stick them in my pincushion, not the chair, haha!  Plus, the ring is just darn cute!  And sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a little cute. :)

Happy sewing!


  1. THIS IS GENIUS! My aunty would LOVE one of these.

  2. Love this! It’s such a great idea!!!!

  3. Do you know where the adjustable ring can be purchased?

    • Hi Susan, You can buy these specific bases at my craft store, Urban Arts + Crafts and we can ship. The ring base we used is by Nunn Design, but there are quite a few styles available by other manufacturers too.

  4. This is handy when we craft. Say bye bye to losing needles when we are working.

  5. Hi I love them and really want to make , please could you tell me where I could buy the ring bases from , Thanks so much xx

  6. Margaret says:

    Where could a gal find the felt balls?

  7. I love this idea. Will need to make a few.
    I have to share with you a story about sticking pins and needles in the arm of your chair. My grandmother, in her last few years of life, had pretty poor eyesight, but still wanted to sew patches for quilts. So my mom would cut squares and thread needles for her to sew the patches together. She had a habit of putting the empty needles in the arm of her recliner chair. They would also sometimes end up embedded in the seat or sides. Well somehow she ended up with a needle inside her leg. My mom took her to the hospital one time after she had fallen trying to get out of her chair. The doctor took x-rays and the he found a needle inside her leg. My mom could not believe it. It was kind of funny because we always joked with my grandma about finding at least one pin or needle in the quilts she made for us. LOL! So the moral of this story is to watch where you put those needles.

    • Oh. my. GOODNESS!! That is totally a fear of mine and now I’m going to have nightmares! 😉 I can’t even imagine what the Doctor thought when he saw that – Wow, what a great story! And how wonderful that your Mother helped your Grandmother with doing something that she loved, and you have quilts to remember her by. Thank you for sharing that story and I WILL now forever watch were I put my needles!!! k

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